Getting A Home Inspection

Getting A Home Inspection

Choosing to get a home inspection can provide peace of mind and help you discover any potential problems and/or repairs that may need to be addressed before you purchase your dream home. Ideally, you are buying a home that is well maintained and only has a few outstanding problems that require attention. It is best to let your inspector conduct the inspection without being interrupted. Inspections are very detail orientated and you want your inspector to be able to do his job efficiently. Meeting the inspector at the end of his inspection, or 1-2 hours after his/her arrival at the home is the best time to go over the inspection
details with your inspector.

During this time ask your home inspector to talk to you about the problems they see in the home and what you will need to have repaired. This will make it so it’s not a surprise to you when you get the home inspection report. Be sure to do your own visual inspection of each room of the house as well as the home’s exterior during the inspection process.

Ask Questions
The inspector has been hired by you for you, and they should be able to tell you about the home you are purchasing without a bias. Some questions you may want to ask at the end of the inspection are:

  • If this were your house would you fix it?
  • Can you show me how this works?
  • What should we do with that?
  • Do you have a recommendation on who could fix that?
  • What could happen if this isn’t repaired?
  • What would you do to maintain this system?

Do not ask the inspector if:

  • You should buy the home
  • If the home is right for you
  • If the price is right
  • Who has to fix what

Top Problems Found During The Home Inspection

  • Electrical
  • Water and Plumbing
  • Windows & Doors
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Pests

Once you receive your home inspection report back read it thoroughly and compile a list of questions for the sellers based on the report. For example, if the report states that there is evidence of patching on the roof, ask the sellers if they have ever had the roof patched and, if so, when this was done. Request the sellers’ responses in writing. Don’t nitpick your new house with wanting everything the inspector finds wrong repaired or asking questions about everything listed on the report, remember it’s the inspector’s job to find things wrong. Instead, focus your efforts on the big ticket items and work with your realtors on a repair

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