Ideas For Selling Your Home In The Winter

According to legend, we’re in for six more weeks of winter with Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow on Friday.  We know, it’s Northern MN so we were bound for 6 more weeks, plus it gives us more time to spend ice fishing and snowmobiling!  For those who have their house on the market, they may be ready for the spring buying to get here. If you have had your house listed on the market, below are some ideas from Realty Times to help you sell your home during the winter months.

“Keep the house warm.

While you don’t have to keep the heat on all the time, keep the house warm during showings. You don’t want people shivering while they look through the house. Set the thermostat to at least 70 degrees…

Handle winter conditions.

If you have ice and snow on your driveway and sidewalk, you need to take care of it way in advance of showings. Clear ice and snow with shovels and salt, so that your exterior looks nice and safe to buyers…

Make sure your home is well lit.

Since winter takes away a lot of sunshine, you need to utilize light bulbs and other forms of lighting. Outside lights, security lights, LED lighting — every bit of lighting is crucial in the interior and exterior. You want all lights on when buyers are walking through your home. You also want to make as much use of natural lighting as possible. Open your window treatments during the day showings.”

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